Monday, September 7, 2009

Two little girls

Dear all,

This poem was read at Sandy's ordination but this is an expression of gratitude for having wonderful Dharma friendships. The poem and the story of friendship could apply to any two people in (and as Sandy said "out" of) sangha.

Two little girls

Water was cool
Waves were gentle’n blue
When I started playing by the ocean
Soon I found you
Always asking
“What is your name again?”

Thus, two little girls started playing
by the beach.
We wet our feet
and learnt to float
in the mu-ocean

But did I not pull your ponytail
and you tramped over my sand castles….
when we didn’t find a personal & perfect wave?
We were just little girls….we must have!!

We learnt slowly ….are always learning…
to worry less about sand castles by the shore
to jump together when tides came
to root for each other
and clap as more kids joined the core!

Now sometimes when you are stressed, I feel it in my bones
When you reach mushin, relief smiles through my lips
When you plunge, I dive
When I weep, may be tears show up in your eye!

Ocean is always vast and deep
Now, it is time and there is a vow to keep
To be by the ocean
And watch all beings
big and small
very little girl minds or not…
pull each other’s hair, wet feet, clap hands and plunge into ocean!!

For all of us
May you find the deepest and all the ocean floors,
And ride with the waves and be the ocean

May you continue to nourish the sangha
with your friendship off and on the cushion!
May you let the love of interconnected sangha hold you
when the waves seem turbulent!

My dear nestling…
May you find the sky security
Become an old ripe mango!

May moon guide your tides
and shine through you!

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