Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inviting new posts

Dear all,

Please feel free ask difficult questions, to write about your practice, give suggestions or write about experiences at sesshin anonymously. To write an anonymous post, you could either ask one of the authors to post it on your behalf or send an email to from an email account that does not mention your name and somehow convince the reader of the email that you are a longtime member of the sangha who has been to sesshins and you will be invited to become an anonymous author.


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  1. hi this is michael. i m not sure who can read this and this is my first time ever posting on a blog. so kriti please let me know if it is wrong!

    anyway, my name is michael and i live in taiwan. i am currently running back and forth to japan every three months for sesshin in japan. i am here here in taiwan studying mandarin and such. last summer i lived in the temple. it is on the side of a mountain. i ve heard that most temples traditionally have been built on the sides of mountains. the town is called obama and it is on the west coast of japan. there is also a temple down the street from it called hoshinji. last sesshin you could here people yelling mu during our zazen period all the way from the other temple. i thought that was the sweetest and most inspiring thing. you really feel in it, everyone is working hard.

    dokuson is quite the challenge there. one time i said to the teacher during dokisan watashiwa gyogen. that means my name is gyogen (my dharma name there) in japanese. i think he went on and on in japanese about how much he loves his teacher because he kept pointing at him, smiling and holding his heart....finally i told him i don t speak a lick of japanese. he just laughed and said...continue, continue! i did.

    i am going back to japan in 4 weeks for next sesshin. possibly when i am finished here in taiwan with my studies i will go live in a different temple in japan south of kyoto... but i ll see how that all goes.