Thursday, April 23, 2009

Field day & long sits

There will be 3 hour sit at Rutgers on Saturday starting 7AM and 2.5 hr sit on sunday at Rutgers starting 6:30 AM. You can join only for 1.5 hours on either day starting 7 AM. All day saturday is Agricultural field day (aka. Rutgers/NJ folk festival) highlighting local craftsmen, musicians, pets/wildlife shows. Some of us will go and Mu with the cows and neigh with the horses there. Join us after Sat sit if you like. It is very lively and together with spring and doodling dogs, it is just perfect. Usually, this field day falls on 5 hour saturday sit and we miss a lot of it, but this year, we could spend more time. You can bring your own guitar if you like. To see photographs, click here and here.

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