Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picnic: RSVP & more

Dear sangha,

Rumi has been drafted to chair the organization of this year's annual sangha gathering on 27th June after saturday sit (Thanks so much Rumi). See a video of Gary singing at last year's picnic and please bring your family, friends (and dates ;)) and introduce them to our warm sangha.

Please bring blankets/chairs to sit on and musical instruments, poems, stories, songs and food to share. If you're planning to attend, organize or help prepare a dish, it would be helpful if you let the us know (Rumi at For a wish list of things we usually need for picnic, venue, parking & more, please click here.....

As you all probably know, a Sangha family and friends get together is being planned for Saturday, June 27th,2009. Immediately following the Saturday sit we will move our sangha party out onto the field close to Lucy Stone Hall (the venue of sitting) and then spend the afternoon eating potluck vegetarian snacks and foods and enjoying music and poetry and songs of our group members. Please bring your favorite instrument, song, poem or group activity suggestions along. Sharon and Gary have already volunteered to bring their drums and guitar (Haven't they? If not, they are drafted too!).

The venue is same as last year -- a grove of oaks across the road from 25 Postal Plaza (Rutgers Post Office). Here are directions to reach there from our Rutgers sitting venue. There is parking for 8-10 cars right next to the venue and some people can easily walk from the sitting venue to the picnic venue. In the event of rain, we will set up everything in the Lucy Stone Hall in rooms next to where we sit at Rutgers.

Please email Rumi ( if you know you, your friends and family are coming and include whatever you will be volunteering could do or bring. You can always decide to come at the last minute, but if you know for certain that you will be coming, it will help us organize better. It would really be a great way to introduce your family to our sangha!!!

As regards the food, here is a partial list of what will be needed in the way of food items and also other forms of volunteer support:

1. 5-6 vegetarian casserole type dishes (finger foods are also good). Anyone who wishes to make a dish is encouraged to volunteer. Please bring serving spoons along!

2. 3-4 people to make rice
3. 3-4 people to bring salads (and salad dressing) (Fruit salads, sprouts, rice noodle salads...anything ).
4. 3-4 desserts... so if you're one of those people and don't want to cook, this is another possibility.
5. Other volunteers who don't plan to cook could bring items such as dinner rolls, paper goods (paper plates, cups, napkins) plastic forks, spoons, knives, paper tablecloths, plastic garbage bags. We expect around 50 people. Last year Melanie brought china plates and cleaned then later at her house! How wonderful was that!
6. 2-3 people for drinks and filtered water
7. Some coolers (3-4) containing ice to keep drinks and food cold.
8. You might think about bringing a blanket, mats or lawn chair to sit on and, of course, your camera if you'd like to take pictures and videos.

Let's all look forward to a great sangha party!


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