Friday, July 3, 2009

Successful Picnic

Before all the details for forgotten, it must be said that the last sangha picnic was a great success. People brought great food (yum yum..) in all-loving all-giving spirit of monk Hotei. .... The weather was just gorgeous - it had been raining for two weeks but except for a muted drizzle for a couple of minutes, clouds stayed away!

I'm sure I don't remember who brought what and didn't get to try everything that people contributed but there were two giant trays of Kurt's treat "Lasagna", Sandy brought delicious masoor daal with asparagus, beans and potatoes, Jacky's fruit salad with mint and paprika was a great hit - Masae's Indian recipe of spinach and potatoes was so delicious that it got Kurt enthused about making it himself! Joe and Mary's daughters made mouth watering smoothie --- I also devoured on miso soup that Rumi made on the spot and Gary's potato salad. Yen's wife made an excellent cheesecake and Gary vegan chocolate cake was hit as well. Isn't everyone hungry after reading all this?

Many people made it possible for us to try to have a disposable plastic usage free picnic. Melanie not only brought china plates and silverware, she collected them all, took them home and cleaned everyone else's plates too! Thanks to everyone for helping packing up and Rumi for organizing everything!

We got a lot of time to chat and talk with people who had come from far Alex came and brought a bear along (did you see photographs yet?)- Yusuf and Nilofer brought their beautiful daughter Yasmin who sang "Itsy bitsy spider.." We got to meet Maggie from Cranford group and some other peopl who don't get to come to Rutgers very often. And of course there was music and there were songs by Gary -- "First there is a mountain, then there is not a mountain and then there is". Some of us also enjoyed racketball and other games that Joe Smalley had brought! Kurt promised that at next picnic he would bring his poems and will ask everyone to bring atleast one story/poem or song -- so beware! Zen picnic test is coming!

If you have more details to add, please do. I am sure I have forgotten many!

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